Why we do things differently.

Fox PM was borne from a desire to lessen the pain points that are experienced in property management. We spoke with many tenants and owners to identify these areas then went to work reverse engineering our business systems to reduce the impact these issues were having on lessors and clients.

We offer expertise in the leasing of a wide range of properties across Canberra and we are committed to connect you with the best service possible. We throw out the traditional sales pitch and management models that you may find across many property management companies and provide unique solutions to ensure that your assets are living up to their full potential.

  • Our focus is on you and the effective management of your property.
  • We don’t sell real estate therefore our number one priority is making sure your investment asset is taken care of.
  • We offer a lower property per manager ratio to ensure we are not spread too thin so that your property gets the attention it deserves.
  • We have fee transparency with only a fixed fee for service.
  • We use innovative and proven marketing strategies to present your property to the market and to ensure the lowest amount of downtime between tenants.
  • Tenant selection is taken seriously with a double check system that starts with a tenant interview and ends with a professional tenancy database check.
  • We are committed to a high level of professional, personalised service.
  • We are a team of long standing, award winning local industry professionals trained to manage your investment.
  • Not only do we communicate with you regularly but we also provide on demand access to your portfolio details through our online owner portal.
  • We offer and end to end buying service that takes the stress out of buying your next investment property.

Ready to learn more and live with Fox PM? Lets start a conversation. Say hi at hello@foxpm.com.au or by calling the office on 0426 363 744.