Mould and condensation

mould AND condensation


During winter, the internal windows of apartments in Canberra can look like a waterfall due to condensation.  If it is not kept in check, the condensation can pool in window sills causing paint meeting, wood splitting and in worst case scenario, mould. Condensation and mould do not discriminate between brick veneer, solid brick, and masonry veneer or monocrete type dwellings. The secret to the alleviation is early detection, prevention of condensation and mould before the issue gets out of hand.

What you can do:

– Open windows and doors wherever possible.

– Use extractor fans so steam can escape when cooking, using the shower or bath and using the clothes dryer. It helps to leave the fan running for 5-10 minutes after a shower or bath.

– Wipe condensation off walls and windows when it occurs.

– Hang washing outside if possible.

– If water leaks or spills occur indoors it is important to clean and dry the area immediately or preferably within 24-48 hours to prevent mould from growing.

– The home should be ventilated each day by opening windows and doors where possible

– Exhaust fans should be kept clear and cleaned regularly.