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safety compliance


Our legislation is clear on what the requirements are of a lessor when providing a property ot a tenant with regard to the health and wellbeing of the property. Recent changes now mean that a lessor must install and maintain smoke alarms in the premises.

At the start of the tenancy, the lessor must also ensure that the premises, including furniture, fittings and appliances (unless excluded from the tenancy agreement), are— (a) fit for habitation; and (b) reasonably clean; and (c) in a reasonable state of repair; and (d) reasonably secure.

The lessor or the tenant may change locks (at his or her own cost unless otherwise agreed) with the agreement of the other party (which will not be unreasonably withheld). The lessor or the tenant may change locks (at his or her own cost) in an emergency without the agreement of the other party. (5) If the tenant, or a person living at the premises, is a protected person in relation to an interim or final order made under the Family Violence Act 2016 or the Personal Violence Act 2016, the tenant or person may change locks.

The tenant must notify the lessor (or the lessor’s nominee) of the need for urgent repairs as soon as practicable, and the lessor must, subject to clause 82, carry out those repairs as soon as necessary, having regard to the nature of the problem.