Lessor costs

lessor costs


The lessor is responsible for the cost of the following:

(a) rates and taxes relating to the premises;
(b) services for which the lessor agrees to be responsible;
(c) services for which there is not a separate metering device so that amounts consumed during the period of the tenancy cannot be accurately decided;
(d) all services up to the time of measurement or reading at the beginning of the tenancy;(e) all services after reading or measurement at the end of the tenancy providing the tenant has not made any use of the service after the reading.

The lessor must pay for any physical installation of services (eg water, electricity, gas, telephone line). The lessor must pay the annual supply charge associated with the supply of water or sewerage. If the premises are a unit under the Unit Titles Act 2001, the lessor is responsible for all owners corporation charges.