We had the pleasure of having Lily from Melba Copland Secondary School undertake her work experience with Fox PM. 

Three things Lily found surprising about the property management industry:

  1. How much work there is to do with all the different emails, messages and phone calls.
  2. The background of Allhomes.
  3. The organisation of forms and apps etc.
We also asked Lily if she felt this work experience could lead into a job in the future and her response:
Yes, I do. After learning a lot about the procedure of the industry, I have found many reasons that I feel will contribute to leading into a job.


The three things Lily enjoyed most about her work experience or the industry were:

  1. Learning about the procedures, reading emails and preparing work.
  2. Getting to know the professional way of interacting with tenants.
  3. Feeling professional and capable in this industry.

We loved having Lily in the office. She attended routine inspections, completed emails, sat in our meetings, wrote an ad for an upcoming property and contributed to a couple of internal projects. She is an amazing young woman who had lots of great questions and we think that she would make a great addition to the property management industry. Thanks for being part of the Fox family Lily, you will be welcomed back once you finish highschool!