fun facts ABOUT PENNY

  • Cupcake was Penny’s rollerderby name. She no longer plays this full contact sport as she is old(ish) and bruises easily.
  • No stranger to even a single day without a hairdryer or hot shower, Penny has agreed to a bare minimum (this doesn’t include a tent) over night hike with her far-more-adventurous-than-she-husband, Tim. She is silently worried but super excited and up for the challenge.
  • Frosty Fruits are the answer to a hangover in Penny’s book. “They are the best hangover cure in the history of mankind”.
  • Penny survived and thrived through a nasty neurological event at age 35 which saw her leave the acute stroke ward at The Canberra Hospital after 11 days in a wheelchair without the ability to walk or talk properly.

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